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The Now

Oh no it's more from raw

 Oh No It's More From Raw


Damaged Goods - DAMGOOD 212 CD


This is re-issue ofRaw Records second compilation album which was originally released in 1978 to celebrate their first year in existence and selling over 100,000 singles.


The re-issue included 4 bonus tracks including the ultra rare single by The Now.


At this point Raw had a perfect track record with 18 singles and 18 flops!


The record was sincerely dedicated to all at Chiswick Records, John Peel, The Who, George Peckham, Barclays Bank, Every group on the label and who ever bought one of their records.


Special dedications went to Tony Clements, Mandy Clements, Ian Hall, Dave Stephens and Dave Jeffries.


Track listing:


1. The unwanted - Withdrrawal / 1984

2. Sick Of You - The Users

3. Johhny Won't Go To Heaven - The Killjoys

4. Some Chicken - New Religion

5. The Gorilla's - It's My Life

6. The Soft Boys - Wading Through a Ventilator

7. Lockjaw - Journalist Jive

8. Acme Sewage Co. - I Wish You Dead

9. The Killjoys - Naive

10. The Hammersmith Gorilla's - You Really Got Me

11. Downliners Sect - Showbiz

12. Some Chicken - Arabian Daze

13. Lockjaw - The Young Ones

14. The Soft Boys - Hear My Brane

15. The Unwanted - I'm Not Me

16. Into The 80's - The Now


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