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The Now

Here Come The Now - Japan Only - CD

Here Come The Now (CD) (Wizzard In Vinyl - Japan - )  


Side Now (Written 1977 and Recorded 2002)


Steve Rolls (Guitar), Mike Maguire (Vocals), Joe MacColl (Drums), Faz Farrow (Bass)


Recorded at The Lodge Studio, Northampton.


Side Then (Written 1978 / 79 and Recorded 1979)


 Mike Maguire (Vocals), Steve Rolls (Guitar), Nigel Davis (Guitar), Tommy Tomlinson (Drums), Faz Farrow (Bass)


Recorded at Spaceward Studio, Cambridge


Here Come The Now covers 25 years from 1977 to the release of   this album. Thanks to everyone involved from day one.  Special         Thanks (In no particular order) to Paul (The Dip aka Mysterious Dip aka  Dangerous Dip) Wicks, Simon Hallsworth, Pete Chambers, Steve Quinney,  Last Years Youth (Joe and Tim), Allen Adams (aged 21),  Jim Cross,   Swilley, Carl Drury, Debbie Weiss, Debbie , Mary & Gina, Emu, Ian  Neve, Ian Murden, Toad (and Family), Phil (TW) Atterson, Brenda Woods,  Adam Rolls, Martin Stansfield, Ian Murden, Fat Pete,  Nigel Davis, Tommy, Big Ginge, Agro Griffin, 999, Killjoys, Eater, Marcus Garvey, Ian         Graham, Dave 'Trunk' Colton, Raw Records, Ultimate Records, Royer  Slater, Billy Bragg, Wiggy,  Max @ The Lodge, Spaceward Studios,  Steve Bavister, Joe Strummer, Billy Idol, Steve (Numan) Smith, The Lurkers, The Ramones, Paul Neve, Pete Young, The Still, The Bull, Nick Joinson (RIP).




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